Single Channel Film Festival

February 12, 13, 14, 2021 – Live Event

Each year we curate a thematic film festival, and accept submissions via an open call. The theme for 2021 was: Release Me.

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Release Me

Imagining or experiencing the moment or process of liberation, of deliverance from what holds you, confined or isolated, gripped in uncertainty or fear, held back by powerful forces or structures, kept apart from others, mired in confusion, dwelling in the dark.

To witness or feel this point in time in slow motion or rapid fire

To imagine it as really possible, even sustainable.

Release me. 

How do we imagine a world or ourselves changed after emerging from the grip of fear, solitude, anxiety, grief, oppression?

What does the other side of this prolonged condition look like ?

What occurs in the moment of release ?


Hsin-Yu Chen & Better Lovers

Natalia GarcĂ­a Clark

Anna Garner

Eli Goldstone

Hamidreza Khosh- Bazam

Jens Kipper

Camille Pueyo

Brandon Sward

Tina Willgren

Siyu Zhu