Single Channel Film Festival 2022

February 18 – 20, 2022

Each year we curate a thematic video festival, and accept submissions via an open call. Artists are invited to submit a short video that corresponds to this year’s theme: broken compass – land ho

broken compass – land ho

We are thinking about visibility, vantage points and our mutualistic relationships to place: seeing and being seen within and through the reverberations of shifting worlds. Pressed against the earth, what’s under your nose? Breathe it in. Draw from memory one end to the next.

Is to be unknowable, to be free?
What would the notion of discovery look like freed from its extractive, violent history?

Where could nomadic movement guided by difference, ambiguity, and detours lead us?
Can we imagine and be in relation with what we can’t fix by name?

We are thinking about land.

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