Snake House VT

Snake House is an artist-run collaborative based in Vermont, dedicated to supporting underrepresented artists through exhibitions, screenings, conversations and events. Our mission is to promote the exchange of ideas through unique programming exploring urgent issues in our community and beyond. We embrace work that presents challenging and provocative contemporary content, that is outside of, or directly eschews the predominant commercial system. 

Snake House is Kate Donnelly, Thatiana Oliveira and Sumru Tekin. We love discourse that disposes of patriarchal and antiquated hegemonies, and the radical notion that art can be a space for equity and difficulty, quiet success and epic failure. We also love a good sense of humor. 

In February, 2020, we invited artists Emily Lanctot and Tabitha Nikolai to engage in a collaborative, long-distance correspondence with each other. They were asked to create individual personas as part of their communication.

isthisjustfantasy? is the result of that exchange.

See you there.

Snake House VT is a 501 (c) 3 not-for-profit organization.